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MultiEx Commander

[x General information

This utility makes it possible to extract files from and import into different game resource archive formats (GRAFs). Most games use large files in which they save all necessary files. This usually includes sounds, music, graphics, scripts and code. With MultiEx Commander you can open any file that has the same GRAF that MultiEx Commander can handle. Hundreds of GRAFs are supported for extraction and importation. The number of supported formats is ever increasing! Note that you may not use it on copyrighted GRAFs from actual games without permission of the game developers! You can also ask us to add support for your favourite game. Also, check out the XeNTaX WIKI if you need any information about the format specifications of the archives of your favourite game!


Donation is required to use advanced features, just a one-time $5!

Help us help you and donate!

[x MultiEx Commander Features

* Extracts files from hundreds of game resource archive formats
* Edit hundreds of resource archive formats (Donation required)
* Create archives from scratch (Donation required)
* Auto-preview for a lot of supported file types (pictures, sounds and text) (Donation required)
* Easy to use webupdate (Donation required)
* Supports Zip archives / utilizes Zlib compression
* Very user-friendly graphical user interface, much like WinZip
* Hints pop-up whenever the user rests the mouse on something
* Drag and drop files from Explorer to the main program window
* Associates itself with game resource archives for easy Explorer based access
* Includes BASS.DLL for sound play and devIL.dll for image processing

[x Support

The discussion forum is the way to go to discuss any issues concerning MultiEx Commander

Which games are supported? Click on the link to view the entire list!
Supported games
(huge list!)
Can I request another game for future support? Yes, you can!
Click on the link to go to the forum and post in the Game Request forum!
Is there info on the formats of the archives supported? Yes!
Hop over to the XeNTaX WIKI that provides information about a huge number of archive formats!
I've found a bug, can I report it? Yes, you can!
Click on the link to go to the forum. Really, you can ask or report anything there! Use it!
Can I subscribe to a mailing list? Yes, you can!
Click on the link to go sign up and you will be notified of future releases!

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Product OS, Date & Size Link
MultiEx Commander
Full Version
Windows XP/98/NT version 4.1.0 (3,1 Mb) 29/03/2005 XeNTaX 1
The Definitive Guide To Exploring File Formats (Adobe PDF) (1,0 Mb) - 10/01/2004 XeNTaX 1
The Definitive Guide To Exploring File Formats (Zipped PDF) (0,6 Mb) - 10/01/2004 XeNTaX 1

[x Contact

Please use "MULTIEX" as subject line. Due to spam, all others will likely be ignored.



MultiEx Commander (C) 2005 XeNTaX, The Netherlands

Press reviews:

"The ultimate game modding utility" - PC Extreme (Feb. 2004)
"One of the most important tools in this category of modding!" - PCZone BNL (Feb.2003)

"MultiEx Commander belongs to the best tools!" - PC Games Hardware (Dec.2001)