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MultiEx Commander makes it possible to extract files from and import into hundreds of game resource archives. Most games use large files in which they save all necessary files. This usually includes sounds, music, graphics, scripts and code. With MultiEx Commander you can open them using an easy to use interface. With the EasyMod creator of MultiEx Commander you can create and save changes to your game and distribute your own mod as a stand-alone file! The number of supported formats is ever increasing! Need more incentive? Even The Duke agrees! :)

Check out some of the articles in the press from the past here.


[x] Hundreds of games supported, and the number is increasing.
[x] EasyMod creates stand-alone mods for you to distribute!
[x] Supports MultiEx script, QuickBMS script and all Game Extractor plugins.
[x] Create some archives from scratch.
[x] Auto-preview of pictures, sounds and text.
[x] Create your own scripts using the Scriptor inside or get new ones from the forum!
[x] Convert pictures to a format of your choice!
[x] Very user-friendly graphical user interface!
[x] Online usage only. You need internet.

Customized support

[x] Request support of your game at the forum! The XeNTaX Game Research Forum is busy with lots of wizards exploring game file formats and modding.
[x] View an example list of supported games
[x] Game archive formats are explained at the WIKI

[x] Report bugs at the Discussion forum!



The project requires Friends of MultiEx to succeed. Therefore we ask only a small donation of €5. As a return favour we will let you join our ranks as Friends of MultiEx! You will then recieve a link to the program. Check out the manual to catch an idea.

The current version is:
MultiEx Commander 4.5.1 Release Candidate 1 Alpha (08-04-2013)


To get a download link we ask you to donate 5 euros. Go to the donate page. You can also use our IBAN number for a banktransfer.

Use the following emailaddress to ask us any further questions:

Help [x] MultiEx Commander and EasyMod manual - Download
[x] YouTube video tutorial 1 on using EasyMod - View
[x] Report bugs at the Game Research Forum - Visit
[x] Investigate new games at the Game Research Forum - Visit

[x] Get game archive formats at the Game File Format Central  - Visit

This page was last updated on 8th of July 2013