MultiEx Commander 4.6
The last release.

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What is it?

MultiEx Commander makes it possible to extract files from and import into hundreds of game resource archives that contain sounds, music, graphics, scripts and code.
With the internal EasyMod creator you can create and save changes to your game and distribute your own mod.

Read some of the articles in the press from way past here.


- Hundreds of games supported
- EasyMod creates stand-alone mods for you to distribute
- Use MultiEx script to add new formats
- Create some archives from scratch.
- Auto-preview of pictures, sounds and text.
- Convert pictures to a format of your choice
- User-friendly graphical user interface
- Offline tool. No internet needed.


- Watch the Let's MultiEx tutorials to learn scripting yourself.
- Request support of your game at the XeNTaX Game Research Forum.
- Game archive formats are explained at the WIKI.


MultiEx Commander is free. Click the button to download and install with administrator rights. Check out the manual.
This is the version ending the project, MultiEx Commander 4.6 (10-11-2022)

(25762 downloads since 20-09-2014)

This page was updated for one final time on 10th of November 2022